Baytowne West

A deed-restricted community in Safety Harbor, Florida

June 2020 HOA Board Meeting [Video Conference]

The next HOA Board Meeting will be on Tuesday, June 23, 2020. It will be held virtually using Zoom to comply with social distancing guidelines.


Due to COVID-19, the meeting will be via Video Conference to practice safe distancing. Owners/tenants must be invited to Zoom meeting by June 22 (Monday), 2020. Request must be sent to email:

Note that tenants/renters may attend but have no voice for this meeting.

Monthly Business

  • Welcome new owners to the community
  • Call for vote to fill open Director position with Mike Arnold
  • Approval of April Meeting Minutes (no May meeting)
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Homeowner’s Insurance Report
  • Grounds / ACC / Fining Committee/ Neighborhood Watch Reports
  • Pool Report

Old Business

  • Safety Harbor Spring Grant(s) Philippe Pkwy fence/hedges

New Business

  • Currently reviewing/updating contracts at existing vendors
  • Other new business

Open Session – 3 minutes of open discussion from community individual(s).  Timed by Director Mike Arnold.

NOTE: Zoom web conferencing is maxed at 40 minutes. Please write your comments and insert them in our drop box by the pool if we did not get to your turn.

Board Adjourns

Any above subject may change and/or omit for discussion by board members.

How to attend a board meeting using Zoom:

If you’re interested in attending the HOA video conference, send an email to us and you’ll be sent an invitation link to join the Zoom video conference on your computer. If you do not have computer access and wish to participate, please contact a board member for further help.

You can familiarize yourself with Zoom Video Conferencing by watching this video.